Youth across the world are taking action to make changes in the world and protect our future.
Cinemaissí welcomes you to celebrate Youth Voice on Saturday 26 October at the Cultural Center Caisa (Kaikukatu 4, Helsinki).


Eliza Capai's documentary Your Turn (Brazil 2018) at 16:00.

The film follows young people in Brazil who occupied their schools in protest against the government closing them down in 2013-2018. Their fight to protect the quality of their free public education became a fight for their voice and rights.
The documentary is Amnesty International Prize winner.


Your Turn

Kirjoittajalta Cinemaissi | syyskuu 13, 2019

Ohjaaja: Eliza Capai Maa: Brasilia Vuosi: 2018 Kesto: 93 Genre: Dokumentti Teemat: Nuorten vallankumous, sosiaalinen realismi, ihmisoikeudet, politiikka Kieli: Portugali Tekstitys: Englanti Perjantai 25.10., 10:00, Kulttuurikeskus Caisa (lukiolaisnäytös) Loppuunmyyty Lauantai…


Before the screening, at 14:00-15:30, the Youth Voice / Cinema In Conversation event brings together young panelists to share their insight on social action and the importance of documentary-film making in bringing about change:

Cinema in Conversation

Kirjoittajalta Elli Keranen | lokakuu 10, 2019

24-27 Oct,
Cultural Center Caisa, Kaikukatu 4, Helsinki

Series of talks and discussions on cinema and main thematics of the films in 2019 selection: LGTBQ+, feminism, youth and diversity.