Director: Alvaro Delgado-Aparicio
Country: PERU, Germany, Norway
Year: 2017
Duration: 95
Genre: Drama
Themes: Coming of Age, LGTBQ+, Family affairs, Ethnicity, Indigenous Pride
Languages: Quechua, Spanish,
Subtitles: English

Age rate: 16

Wednesday 23 Oct, 19:00, Cinema Orion

Sunday 27 Oct, 18:00, Cultural Center Caisa


Segundo Paucar, a 14-year-old boy wants to become a master story-box maker just like his father to carry on with the family legacy. On his way to a community celebration in the Andes, Segundo accidentally observes his father in a situation that shatters his whole world. Trapped in a chauvinistic environment, Segundo will try to deal in silence with all that is happening to him.