Tuesday 22 October 2019, 19:00-22:00
Bar Favela, Mechelininkatu 13, Helsinki

The music of CUEJERO, flamenco jazz with a Nordic twist, immerses the audience in a world of inspiring sounds, energetic rhythms and passionate melodies. In their music, stories of wine and love of flamenco songs blend with Latin American and Mediterranean grooves. This tasty cocktail is inspired by those musical traditions, originally born through the fusion of various cultures sharing the same land. The combination of bass, violin, percussion and flamenco guitar creates a breathtaking atmosphere that swings with emotion. Their performance offers a playground in which artists from diverse backgrounds explore cultural interaction through music.

Javier Sanchez (ES) - double bass and fretless bass
Toni Jokiniitty (FI) - flamenco guitar
Ricardo Padilla (CL) - percussion
Lotta-Maria Pitkänen (FI) - violin

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