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Leandro Aragão, director, and Eder Santos, excecutive producer, present Ambulant Improvisation before the screening on Sunday.


Párabola del retorno
(Parable of the Return)

Juan Soto COL / SHORT / 2016 / 41 MIN S

Wilson left home in Medellin (Colombia) on his way to Bogota but he never arrived to his destination. Thirty years later after the peace agreements with the FARC, he returns from his exile in London to meet his family who believe he is dead. The plane journey shapes a parable just like the title of the poem by Porfirio Barba Jacob.


La casa de los Lúpulos
(Lúpulo’s house)

Paula Hopf

MEX / SHORT / 2016 / 24 MIN


An emotional journey that takes us into one father-daughter relationship, through their struggles and difficulties, ending in a house by the sea where they were happy together once.

Improviso ambulante
(Ambulant Improvisation)

Leandro Aragão

BRA / SHORT / 2017 / 18 MIN


The documentary probes into the phenomenon of improvisation in an attempt to overcome the bias toward its apparent precariousness. The notion explored in the film is that the act of improvising is above all a mechanism inherent in human nature so as to find new solutions and resources and create new knowledge, whether or not of scientific nature. Consistent with its purpose, the film materializes as a video-object of improvised aesthetics.