Metade homem, metade fantasma

(Half Man, Half Ghost)
Davi Pretto BRA / SHORT / 2017 / 30 MIN go 19.10 19:00 Andorra – buy tickets
follow site 20.10 18:30 Elokuvasali Korjaamo – buy tickets 21.10 14:30 Elokuvasali Korjaamo – buy tickets

investimenti redditizi S / English subtitles

here The whole life of man is but a point in time. An old man’s slow disappearing process, in a far removed area in the south of Brazil. A man that represents an old style of men that inhabited this region, but no longer exists. Somewhere between an ethnographic documentary and a fantasy, a journey into darkness and oblivion.


Supported by Centro Cultural Brasil- Finlândia and Embassy of Brazil in Finland


Presented by the director.