Female Voices – Cinemaissí 2017

Female Voices

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Semillas de Guamúchil
(Guamúchil Seeds)

Carolina Corral

hombres solteros de otro pais MEX / SHORT / 2016 / 17 MIN


Five women who discover creative writing in prison, share their poetry now in freedom



Leticia Akel

CHI / SHORT / 2016 / 15 MIN


Javier arrives in a small town looking for a job. In this place he faces a farming community led by Chivo, a stubborn man who doesn’t trust him and won’t allow him to work with them. Guided by strange dreams that haunt him by night, Javier will fight against Chivo’s prejudices to win his place in the community.

Cosas que no se rompen
(Things that Don’t Break)

Kattia González

COST RICA / SHORT / 2017 / 14 MIN


Tami (14) helps her sister, Irina (17), to deal with the feelings caused by a break-up as they walk home through their neighborhood, surrounded by the everyday reality of street harassment.


Demônia – Um melodrama em três atos
(Demônia – A Melodrama in Three Acts)

Cainan Baladez

BRA / SHORT / 2016 / 17 MIN


Demônia is a devilish being. Or an evil woman.​