Beyond the Wall – Cinemaissí 2017

Beyond the Wall

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single frauen berner oberland  

Frontera invisible
(Invisible Border)

Nicólas Richat

hook up murders COL / SHORT / 2016 / 28 MIN

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Frontera Invisible is a true story of communities trapped in the middle of one of the world’s longest war, in which big landowners’ rush for palm oil to produce ‘green’ fuel has displaced peasant farmers and indigenous people. It has destroyed natural habitats and concentrated land in the hands of agribusinesses.


A history of sheep

Ezequiel Vega

ARG/CHI / SHORT / 2016 / 11 MIN


In the town of Sunan, two families of shepherds narrate their lifestyles. Narrated by an external point of view (director’s own voice) the lifestyle of Yugur’s and China history of the past 67 years converge in a story that takes as a main character one of the most representative animals of the region: the sheep.


Dalia Huerta

MEX / SHORT / 2016 / 11 MIN


Exterior. Countryside. Day.
On an uncertain place, on a future time, Cåsucka is a rural science fiction story about extinction, narrated by an individual that is the last of its kind.

De vuelta
(Coming Back)

Mara Pescio

ARG / SHORT / 2015 / 10 MIN


Leon and Anna are Russians but they live in Argentina; in a few days she’s going back to Russia with her mother, tonight is the farewell party and she tries to convince Leon to stay together against the odds.