Animation – Cinemaissí 2017

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mujeres solteras quotes Presented by Janne Korsumäki, Artistic Director, Animatricks.

cherche emploi femme de menage a liege 66 MIN / English subtitles  


Renato Duque

enter site BRA / SHORT / 2017 / 16 MIN


Luna sees someone drowning at the ocean and starts to question herself: should she use her powers and become a super hero?

Victor & Isolina

William D. Caballero



In the Unique style of Hybrid animation…Living apart, Victor and Isolina (now in their 80’s) answer questions about their life-long, complex and arduous relationship, posed from behind the lens of their documentary filmmaking Grandson. An adorable, touching, poignant love story in a funny he said/she said account.

Elena y las sombras
(Elena and the Shadows)

César Cepeda

MEX / SHORT / 2015 / 8 MIN


Elena moves into a neighborhood where nothing ever seems to happen. Living in such an alien and uneventful place leads her to an overwhelming sense of apathy that threatens to drive her insane. Nevertheless, a strange-looking, adventurous kid called Félix is about to introduce her to a parallel world.

Los Aeronautas
(The Aeronauts)

León Fernández

MEX / SHORT / 2016 / 16 MIN


A tribe survives in the middle of the desert on the meager pickings of a barren landscape. Soo’goh, the weakest member of the clan, seeks to overcome all obstacles and to reach the green pastures of the paradise that they all yearn for.


La secta de insectos
(The Inksect)

Pablo Calvillo

MEX / SHORT / 2016 / 10 MIN


In a dystopian future where fossil fuels were exhausted, ruling corporations have turned to desperate measures to generate energy. Books are banned and confiscated as fuel for the fire, and with them free thinking has been lost. Human beings have morphed into illiterate cockroaches. In New York City an underground group of exiled scientists, writers and artists are the last bastion of those who remember the books. The group, known as The Insect, risk their lives to seek the books, and save them from being destroyed. This is the story of how one of them, Pikes, is led to an even more important discovery: paper, pen and literacy.


Los gatos
(The Cats)

Alejandro Ríos

MEX / SHORT / 2016 / 10 MIN


An-alley cats meets an old man that will change his life forever. Delighted by his wonderful new home, everything seems normal between tenderness and milk. Love is a complex feeling. All secrets hide behind every door of a warm home.


Caminho de gigantes
(Way of Giants)

Alois di Leo

BRA / SHORT / 2016 / 11 MIN


In a forest of gigantic trees, Oquirá a six year old indigigenous girl, will challenge her destiny and learn to understand the cycle of life.