About Love – Cinemaissí 2017

About Love

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follow url 91 MIN / English subtitles


O teto sobre nós
(Roof Above Us)

Bruno Carboni

source site BRA / SHORT / 2015 / 20 MIN


Squatters living in an abandoned building receive a notice that they may be evicted some time soon. While Anna tries to deal with the news, she has to confront a mysterious man lying in her bed.



La manzana

Henry Disotuar

CUB / SHORT / 2017 / 27 MIN


Danilo, a ten years old introvert boy is on the verge of moving out of Cuba with his young mother. When he gets a green apple, a somewhat rare fruit in the country, the boy grabs what might be his last chance to impress his classmates. La Manzana (The Apple), is an intimate look into the world of a young teenager and his hopeless attempt to say farewell to everything and everyone he’s ever known. His depart cannot go unnoticed. He wants to be missed and will be!


El inicio de Fabrizio
(Fabrizio’s Initiation)

Mariano Biasin

ARG / SHORT / 2015 / 17 MIN


A small town. Summer in all its splendor.
Fabrizio is dating Nadia, they are experiencing the beginnings of adolescence and they’re ready to have their first time together. The problem is they don’t have a place to be alone together.
Fabrizio looks for help among his friends, of whom many also share his anxieties. Together they come up with a plan.

Ruptures (ou André et Gabriel)
(Ruptures (or André and Gabriel))

Francisco Bianchi

FRA/BRA / SHORT / 2016 / 20 MIN


“Ruptures (or André and Gabriel)” is the last episode of this short film trilogy of love encounters. This film follows Gabriel, while introducing André, his ex-boyfriend, with whom he’s meeting by chance in Paris after 10 years. This encounter happens exactly in the moment when Gabriel is filming a documentary about break-ups. Gabriel then ends up inviting André to take part of it.




Carlos Marroquín

FIN/MEX / SHORT / 2017 / 7 MIN


Men manage their feelings in a workshop.


Presented by the director.