Panel Discussions

20.10 18:00 / Luckan Verandan (Simonkatu 8)

Desafíos del futuro para el colectivo Iberoamericano en la Finlandia. (ESP/PORT)

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Event in Spanish and Portuguese.

Diferentes agentes culturales y sociales del colectivo iberoamericano analizaran la situación de la comunidad en Finlandia desde sus inicios con la llegada de los refugiados chilenos hasta la actualidad, proyectos, logros y desafios para seguir trabajando juntos.

Moderador: Ricardo Parada (profesor-traductor y personal de seguridad de la Universidad de Helsinki)

Desafíos del colectivo iberoamericano/El nuevo siglo: lo global y lo local en Helsinki: Rosa María Bolom (Artist, psychologist, poet)

Los inicios: tiempos de la solidaridad./Historia del colectivo en Finlandia:
Jussi Pakkasvirta (Professor of Area and Cultural Studies – University of Helsinki)

Visibilizar proyectos/Actual contexto, realidades e iniciativas (continuidades y rupturas):
Roxana Crisólogo (poet, cultural activis, Boris Calvo (Director de clube de football), Laura Gazzotti (Productora Cultural y directora del Kolibrí Festival).

A social thanks to the event idealizers: Laura Gazzotti, Roxana Crisólogo, Carlos Llamos y Diego Ginartes.

Organized by Camila Rosa
Free entry.

21.10 16:30 / Luckan Verandan (Simonkatu 8)

Rodolfo Walsh and the testimonial literature (ENG)

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We celebrate the figure of the Argentine writer, journalist and militant Rodolfo Walsh and his relevance within the Latin American literary scene, in the 40th anniversary of his disappearance and murder by the Military Junta and his 90th birthday.

Panel speakers:
Diego del Pozo (CHI), writer, researcher and filmmaker.
Ruth Rubin (AR), journalist.
José Antonio Ruiz (ES), writer.
Alejandro Pedregal (ES), writer, researcher and filmmaker.

Organized by Alejandro Pedregal
Free entry.

21.10 18:30 / Luckan Verandan (Simonkatu 8)

Representation of the diversity on cinema screen (ENG)

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During last years, the question of whiteness in cinema has been raised. The boycott of 2016’s Academy Awards with #OscarsSoWhite campaign higlighted the lack of diversity and the continuity of stereotypical caractheres for non-white people. Cinemaissí will arrange this panel to analyse not only Latin American cinema but also Finnish and European one.

Organized by Camila Rosa
Free entry.

22.10 18:00 / Luckan Verandan (Simonkatu 8)

Violence against women. (ENG)

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Violence against women is one of the worst human rights problems in Finland according to the last UN report. Cinemaissí welcome you to discuss the subject crucial for our societies with cultural agents engaged with the theme. The panel discussion is free of charge.

Before the the panel discussion Cinemaissí screens a documentary Intimate Battles by Lucía Gajá at 16:30 in Dubrovnink (Eerikinkatu 11, 00100 Helsinki).
Information on the film and tickets:

Anastasia Trizna (Actress and Singer, organizer of Eve’s Ribs Russian-Finnish Social Arts project and festival)
Sepideh Rahaa (Multidiscilplinary Artist
and doctoral candidate at Aalto University researching about how female body becomes political)

Organized by Camila Rosa
Free entry.

Directors Q&A

Diego del Pozo, presents Cantalao

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Diego del Pozo has developed an academic career linked to literature and cinema. He is currently a PhD candidate in Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki, Finland. He is the founder of Recta Provincia (2015), company that develops editorial and video work. As a writer he has published several books about Gabriela Mistral, the first Literature Nobel of Latin America. In cinema he had worked as a scriptwriter, cameraman, producer and director. His first featured length is the documentary Cantalao.

Supported by Suomen Madridin Instituuti and Embassy of Chile in Finland 

Carlos Marroquín, presents Two

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Mexican director and screenwriter, based in Helsinki for 15 years. Working in fiction and documentary, he aims to expose the complexity of human relations with topics such as migration, multiculturalism and sexual diversity. As the current president of Euphoria Borealis ry, he promotes independent cinema in Finland. His short films have been broadcast in TV and presented in many films festivals; at the moment, he prepares the script for his first feature film.


20.10 20:30 / Dubrovnik

Open Stage: Gracias a la vida

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A celebration of our history and the desire for the future that we dream for our community. A toast for the life to commemorate all those people who preceded us, as our friend Jaime Potenze. Gracias a la vida.

Free entry

20.10 22:30 / Dubrovnik

Fiesta Latin Beats

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Brazilian and Latin music, from samba to rock, from Latin electronic music to afrobeat, an ecleptic and interesting mixture, focus on South American rythms.

DJ Raphael Pad
5€ + narikka

21.10 23:00 / Dubrovnik

Gran Fiesta Cinemaissí

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Welcome to the legendary Gran Fiesta Cinemaissí! This year the festival is proud to introduce the band Uña de Gato, a group formed by talented South Americans and Finnish musicians. This musical project is a journey through the best of Latin American and covering trends of salsa, cumbia, latino hits, among others. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful concert. On top of all this, the DJ & VJ El Pibe of #elbarrioklubi & DJ Latinqueen from Colombia will guarantee a tremendous party night. We look forward to warming up the cold autumn together with you! 2 dance floors! Get your advance! See you in Cinemaissí!

Organized by El Barrio klubi
12€ + narikka

Other events

16.10 10.00-20.00 / Sello Library Espoo

Varaslähtö Cinemaissiin – Sello Library – Kirjastoauto Espoo

On Monday 16th October, in collaboration with Sello Library, Kirjastoauto Espoo and Embassies of Peru, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil, Cinemaissí will held a special program to get ready and warm up before the film festival. From 10am until 8pm, public from all ages will enjoy workshops with artists from Latin America and Spain, Brazilian animation movies for kids and feature movies for adults.
For more info check out our Facebook event: Varaslähtö Cinemaissiin

Organized by Melisa Cano. Sello Library and Kirjastoauto Espoo
Free entry

20.10 18:30 / Dubrovnik

Videoperformance screening from Latin America. New World: Violence Remains

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Videoperformances to expand notions of past and present (his)stories in speeches and hegemonic narratives. This screening seeks to bring together a selection of videos that can confront the Finnish viewers with silence and privilege of official histories. It is a sample video that resists official narratives sharing and expanding Latin American visions in Europe.

Project and organization, Diana Soria Hernandez Producer, Rosamaría Bolom Invited collaborator, Ignacio Pérez Pérez

5 €