Postponed: New Cinema Club

Por Cinemaissi | março 8, 2020

Welcome to the Cinemaissí Cinema Club at Museum of Impossible Forms!

Cinemaissí goes Skábmagovat

Por Cinemaissi | janeiro 28, 2020

As part of a collaboration supported by the Centro Cultural Brasil-Finlândia, Cinemaissí were delighted to attend Skábmagovat Indigenous People’s Film Festival 2020 in Inari.

Cinema in Conversation: Unifying audiences through discussions

Por Cinemaissi | janeiro 22, 2020

Cinemaissí this year went far beyond the call of a film festival. How? Through a series of discussions about the representation of minority groups in film.

Cinemaissí supports indigenous-made film from Latin America at International Film Festival

Por Cinemaissi | janeiro 12, 2020

Cinemaissí are collaboration partners for Skábmagovat Indigenous People’s Film Festival 2020.

Zinemaissí: a fan zine by cinemaisseros

Por Cinemaissi | outubro 26, 2019

We invited artists and artist-minded people associated with Cinemaissí to contemplate on a selected theme in order to create a zine: a non-professional small publication presenting a specific cultural phenomenon.

Youth Voice

Por Cinemaissi | outubro 26, 2019

Youth across the world are taking action to make changes in the world and protect our future.
Cinemaissí welcomes you to celebrate Youth Voice on Saturday 26 October at the Cultural Center Caisa.

The Cinemaissí Family

Por Cinemaissi | outubro 24, 2019

From the outside, Cinemaissí may look like just another festival. But it is much more. In this blog Cinemaissí’s President Aime Accorsi tells why.

Exceptional native language films at the center of Cinemaissí

Por Cinemaissi | outubro 21, 2019

Languages around the world are disappearing at an alarming rate.
That is why the UN has declared 2019 the International Year of Indigenous Languages. IYIL’s mission is to raise awareness of indigenous languages to benefit the people who speak and keep those languages alive, and also highlight their contribution to our world’s cultural diversity.

Shaping the Future of Anti-Racism

Por Cinemaissi | outubro 20, 2019

In this interview, researcher Leo Custodio opens up the context of the discussions on blackness in Brazil and in Finland and reflects on the role of new media, including films, have an important role in shaping these discussions.

From objects to protagonists

Por Cinemaissi | outubro 15, 2019

A short introduction to the film selection of 2019